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Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Mohiniattam, Kuchipudi etc.
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Varnams used in this recording.

(i) "Manavi..." composed by Ponnaya, one of the haloed Thanjavur Quartet in
raga Sankarabharanam set to Adi Tala is amorous in content and carries
allegorical description of the yearning and ultimate union of the soul with the
divinity-Lord Brihadisvara of Thanjavur.

(ii) "Nee Manamirangi..." composed by Andavan Pichai in raga Lathangi and
set to Adi Tala, stresses the 'bhakti' (devotion) element by extolling the glory of
Lord Muruga.

Jathis (Rhythmic syllables that go after the beat while Adavus are
choreographed to go with the 'sama' of the taala. Thandava aspect is
demonstrated with a jathi performed by male artistes., Karvai jathi, use of "Om
Saravana Bhava' the Bheejakshara mantra in place of the rhythmic syllables
Bharatanatyam - Varnam Vol 1
Theory & Demonstration
Format:  VCD Duration: 65 mins
Cat# SV015
Artiste: Priyadarsini Govind
Varnam, an important component of Bharathanatyam lends colour , variety
and verve to the dance recital and serves as a perfect yardstick to judge the
quality of the dance and the competence of the dancer.
This product features crisp and
coherent explanations supported
by vibrant demonstrations. It
unveils and analyses all aspect of
Varnam with remarkable clarity.
It contains exhaustive video
demos on Trikala Jathi with
variations, Arudi, Jathis, Sahitya,
Sanchari,Sarpanadai &
Thattimettu, Mukthyisvara,
Charanam, Charana Svaras,
Svarakshara, Makuta Svara.
Besides those crisp and coherent
explanations, the product carries
some dazzling demonstrations by
the danseuse herself.
Bharatanatyam Varnam - Vol 2 Recital
Format: VCD Duration: 56 mins
Cat# SV016
Artiste: Priyadarsini Govind

In this VCD, the eminent danseuse presents a
dazzling recital of two exciting varnams.

i) "Manavi Chekuna (Telugu) - Shankarabharanam -
Adi - composed by Ponnaya, one of the haloed
Thanjavur Quartet. highlights the shringara rasa and
potrays the heroine's passionate love and yearning for
Lord Braharadeeshwara of Thanjavur.

(ii) "Nee Manamirangi..." composed by Andavan Pichai
in raga Lathangi and set to Adi Tala, stresses the
'bhakti' (devotion) element by extolling the glory of Lord
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VCD Rs.650
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Bharatanatyam Varnam -
Theory , Demonstration and
Format: DVD Duration: 2 Hrs
Cat# SD047
Artiste: Priyadarsini Govind

This DVD contains the
programs of the above VCDs ie:
Bharatanatyam - Varnam Vol 1
Theory & Demonstration
Bharatanatyam Varnam - Vol 2
Bharatanatyam Adavus
Format:  VCD & DVD NTSC English
Duration: VCD 67 minutes DVD 73 Minutes
DVD Cat#SD076  VCD Cat# SV075
Artistes: Shajilal, Bhargavi Gopalan, Apoorva Jayaraman

Adavu is an integral element of Bharatanatyam that fuses different aspects
of dance to create a framework and also gives a seamless continuity and
fluidity to a recital. The Adavu demonstrations in this VCD are based on
distinctive Adavu styles as mandated by the Kalakshetraand and  Vazhuvoor

Here, theory and techniques behind each Adavu are slickly explained &
demonstrated by Shajilal (Kalakshetra), Bhargavi Gopalan (disciple of Smt.
K J Sarasa) and Apoorva Jayaraman (disciple of Smt. Padmini Ravi). These
young and vivacious dancers also show variations in Adavu execution that
lend the recital the variety and verve.

The Sthaana, Chaari and Nruttha Hastas stipulated for each Adavu have
been explained in detail.
Thattadavu  - Nattadavu  - Marthitha Adavu - Pakka Adavu  - Kuthitha
Mettadavu  - Kuthadavu - Sutral Adavu  - Thattumettu Adavu  - Makuta Adavu -
Theermana Adavu   

An ideal learning tool for those serious students of Bharatanatyam.
DVD Rs.650
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Ramayana - Balakanda Parts 1 & 2
Format: VCD
Duration: Part 1 - 55 mins Part 2 - 45 mins
Cat # CCRT/001-2
Bharatanatyam Meera - a tribute to M.S. - Shobana Bhalchandra
Format: DVD NTSC All Region English & Tamil 1 Hr 20 min
Lyrics by: asri Papanasam Sivan & 'Kalki' Krishnamurthy

Smt. M.S.Subbulakshmi or M.S is a legendary musician of our times known
not only for her outstanding achievements, but also for her humility and
compassion. Her very name is synonymous with Meera, the 16th century
Rajput queen-devotee of Lord Krishna whom she played with such élan in
the 1945 celluloid classic of the same name.
In this DVD, Shobana Bhalchandra, the eminent Bharatanatyam danseuse,
teacher and choreographer offers a solemn and stirring tribute to M.S
through a Bharatanatyam presentation.
Segment 1
Meera - the maiden
Leelaigal seivane
Nandabala en manala
Giridhara gopala
Enadhu ullame
Music interlude...(laali)
Segment 2
Meera - the reluctant queen
Kaatrinile varum geetham
Aranga un mahimaiyai
Maravene ennalumae
Maraintha koondilirunthu
Segment 3
Meera - the seeker
kannan valarntha
Leelaigal seivanae
DVD Rs.750
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Balakanda is the first chapter of Valmiki's
Ramayana and mainly refers to the events which
occurred when Sri Rama was a child of less than
16 years. This ends with Sri Rama marrying Sita
and his starting his married life with her in
Ayodhya. There are 77 Cantos in Bala Kanda.
Each Canto deals with a few events of great
importance and a set of adorable human values.

This video film on the Balakanda has been
presented in the Bharatanatyam dance style. The
film brings together various versions of the epic in
a classical dance form. Verses from the
Balakanda of Valmiki's Ramayanam,
Ramacharita Manas of Tulsidas, Bhoja's
Champu, Ramakarnamrutha, Kamban,
Arunachalkavi's Ramanatakam and Poonam
Namboodiri's Ramayanam have been selected
for the presentation.
Bharatanatyam Sampoorna Margam
the path to a perfect recital
Format: DVD NTSC All region English
Duration: 1 hr. 33 mins

Dancing with joy, Dr Ananda Shankar Jayant, one
of the renowned dancers of the country; imbues
technique and grammar with a sparkling quality,
bristling with life. Hailed as an intelligent and
thinking dancer with contemporary sensibility,
Ananda, with her grace, vivacity and inner
luminescence draws the viewer into the inner
spaces that she paints, leaving the audience
deeply touched.

'I dance in frenzied action seeking the stillness of
the soul' - Dr.Ananda Shankar Jayant.
2. Pushpanjali - Gambheera Nattai - Adi - Traditional
3. Ananda Narthana Ganapathy - Ganesh Vandana
- Nattai - Adi - Uttukadu Venkata Subbaiyer
4. Devar Munivar - Varnam - Shanmukha Priya - Adi - Lalgudi Jayaraman
5. Indendu - Padam - Suruti - Misra Chapu - Kasturi Rangan
6. Sarasamu - Javali - Kapi - Adi - Poochi Srinivasa Iyengar
7. Diku Teriyade Katil - Raga Malika - Adi - Mahakavi Subramanya Bharathi
8. Thillana - Mohana Kalyani - Adi - Lalgudi  Jayaraman
9. Mangalam - Madyamavathi - Adi - Thyagaraja
DVD Rs.750
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